Looking for a Speaker?

Llanishen Local History Society has a group of members who are able to give talks to your society. Below you can find out more details and what they offer. To book them or for further information contact us via the "Contact Us" link to your left.

Ann Konsbruck, Stan and Margaret Jenkins
Ann, Margaret and Stan are local historians who have undertaken a considerable amount of research into the history of Llanishen. They also deal with any queries that come into the Society. 

The Changing Face of Llanishen
A talk exploring how the village has changed from farmland to suburb during the 20th century.

People of Old Llanishen
This talk explores the lives of both ordinary villagers and some of the notable people who called Llanishen home.

Around Llanishen - Faces and Places: 
This will show you what you can see as you walk around the village and the stories that each place tells. 

A Box of Old Photos
Find out how a donated box of old photographs traced a family from Llanishen to Yorkshire and eventually found a new home.

Food in the Second World War 
A talk, ideal for lunchtimes, detailing the effects of food rationing during the Second World War

Ritchie Wood
Ritchie's passion led him, after retirement, to complete a PhD. His expertise is in the First World War, particularly the Welsh Miners at the Western Front.

Welsh Miners in the First World War
The story of men who left the mines of South Wales to become tunnellers on the Western Front.

Women in the Great War
This explores the role of women before, during and after the First World War and what they achieved both on the battlefield and the home front.

Review of Military Executions in the Great War
A look at one of the darkest elements of the First World War

Churchill and the Tonypandy Riots
Discover the violent confrontation of striking miners and police and Churchill's role in authorising the use of troops. 

South Wales Miners in the Tunnelling Companies on the Western Front
Learn about the techniques employed in mining underneath enemy trenches and the terrible toll this took on the miners who had to work in this deadly endeavour.

SS Ohio and Malta - 1942
This talk tells the story of the incredible journey of one convoy to Malta, and how Richie has a family connection to it.


Jeremy Konsbruck

Jeremy grew up in the shadow of Monte Cassino, hearing the stories of his grandfather's experiences in Italy during the Second World War. From this he developed a keen interest and passion for all periods of military history, and holds a Master's degree in the subject.

"Nobby's War": Two Family Stories from a Forgotten War
This follows the amazing stories of both Jeremy's grandparents and those of his Italian wife, Maria-Luisa, and how they crossed during the Second World War, some 70 years before they both met.

Llanishen's Fallen
Follow the story of the First World War through the eyes of the young men from Llanishen who are commemorated on the village war memorial and learn how and where they gave the ultimate sacrifice.

The Jupiter - The Life and Death of a British Ship at War
In this talk Jeremy examines the life of the British destroyer HMS Jupiter, which had a short but storied career fighting against the Axis - and a tragic end in the flames of the Java Sea. 

Proud Days: Lord Nelson's Visit to Wales, 1802
Did you know that England's greatest hero spent the only holiday of his life touring South Wales? In this talk Jeremy explains why and where Horatio, Lord Nelson visited during his summer tour of Wales.